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About Us–Contd...
G.Srinivas Kamath G.Srinivas Kamath-Trustee
He is very well known and prominent person in Malleswaram. He stood at the side of Samiti to make Dhobighat Association agreed to donate the land for temple. .
Shri N.Srinivas (Vasu)
He is one of the Board of Trustee in Sri Sabarigirisa Seva Samithi Trust. He donated ten loads of sand to the temple construction work.
P.K.Prabhakar Shri P.K.Prabhakar-Trustee
who is residing in Pottachira, Kerala gave basic idea to construct the Ayyappa Temple under the supervision of Kanippayur Shri Krishnan Namboodiripad. He also contributed to the progress of the temple by giving creative and useful suggestions to the trustees and also in bringing the construction project in full and complete form.
Shri Rajanna-Trustee
He is a trustee in Sri Sabarigirisa Seva Samithi Trust who is a Commercial tax officer. He helped us to get the supply of building materials from different places without any interruption.
S.R.G.Nathan Shri S.R.G.Nathan–Trustee (Fibro Re-inforced Plastic Pvt Ltd).
A business man in Bangalore who contributed Fibre reinforced glass materials to the temple constructions. Also he magnanimously agreed to meet the bore well expenses for the temple. He is one of the trustee members who always helped out during progress of construction .
Shri Gopalakrishnan (Sri Ramalu Engineering Work).
He contributed steel pipes and also made steel fabrication work..
Shri B.K.Hariprasad–M.P
His intervention and mediating role contributed to solve the friction between two groups related to land dispute. He extended his co-operation to bring the problem come to an end with win-win solution.
Shri. Anant Mandgi–Senior Advocate.
His legal expertise played a lot in retaining the land for temple construction.
Shri Rajendra Ex–Councilor.
He mediated between two associations i.e. the old and New Dhobighat washermen Association (Regd) Vyalikaval, and took efforts to get the land for the temple.
Shri Suresh Kumar–Minister.
He is a Corporation Minister. He has associated with the trust in developing construction activities. The trust thanks for his services.
Shri Ramachandra Gowda Ex–M.L.C.
He has compromised two Association member & helped us to get land from them for constructing the temple. He donated stones for temple foundation work.
Shri Anantha Kumar–M.P
We thank Mr.Anantha Kumar-M.P for contributing stones for temple construction work and he has given many valuable suggestions for the improvement of the temple.
Shri Devegowda–Hon’ble Ex–Prime Minister.
Shri Devegowda’s contribution to the temple development in commendable and he cleared all legal formalities to own the land for the temple.
Shri Guruva Reddy & Shri Ravikumar
Shri Guruva Reddy & Shri Ravikumar went to Kunnamkulam, Kerala, met Kanippayur Shri Krishnan Nampoodiri & engaged him for Sreekoil stone work which deserves special mention here.
Shri A.R.Moorthy & Shri Narayana Reddy
The Samiti extend their thanks to both of them for renovation and construction work done by them.
Shri K.M.Ganapathy & Shri Vasu Naidu
We personally thanks to Shri K.M.Ganapathy & Shri Vasu Naidu for arranging best teak wood from Nellore for the temple.
The other officers of V.K.M. Ayyappa Swamy Association, Vyalikaval, Shri B.K.Sivram, Shri C. Munirathna (Naini), Shri L.Sridar, Shri Na. Venkatesh, supervised the construction work in day and night and take laborious efforts to bring the temple to get completion.
We thank all the Govt. Officials, IAS Officers, IPS Officers, IFS Officers & other corporation HOD's for their kind co-operation and support.
Finally, the trust also thank all who rendered their services and help directly or indirectly in completing the project from the beginning in one way or other.
Sri Sabarigirisha Seva Samithi Trust wishes to all the devotees those who have contributed liberally and generously to the temple renovation work. We thank one & all for their valuable support, guidance and co-operation.
With Best Regards,
G.D. Sigamani,
Managing Trustee,
Sri Sabarigirisha Seva Samithi Trust (Regd)
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